My name is Adam and I’m an avid “tomatoist.” I grow them, I eat them every way possible, I shop for them locally and now I hope to tell you about my adventures. I hope this sight gives you insight into this often confused fruit (or is it a vegetable? See what I mean?). Periodically I’ll post recipes for great tomato dishes. I’ll talk about gardening in urban settings away from the commercial industry and I’ll discuss burgeoning topics like hydroponic and aquaponic gardening. I’ll write about the varieties of tomatoes I’ve tasted and I’ll write about the ones that came from my own garden. And of course, the process will be documented from buying plant fertilizer to finding the correct time to pick these special fruits off the vine.

Planting a Tiny Tomato Plant
Planting a Tiny Tomato Plant

I hope to make this your one-stop tomato source. This amazing fruit has been grown for centuries, but there are always new ways to cultivate it, prepare it in cuisine (it doesn’t just come in sauce form!), and apply it to a healthy diet (lycopene, yum). Come join me on the journey.

I live in Illinois, so I’ll only be posting about my own tomato growing endeavors when the weathers right. This isn’t a year-round tomato state unfortunately. However, during the off-season, I’ll touch on topics relevant to the industry such as indoor growing and add unique recipes that you can use for store about tomatoes or even one’s you have in canned or preserved nature.

Lastly, you may be asking, why the mystery? Show your face Adam! Well, quite frankly, if my wife found out I was spending more time writing than I was on her (the gardening is enough trouble), I may be in for the argument of arguments! So let’s just keep this mysterious for now. I’m your tomato source… trust me!